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Stay relevant
in the post-linear media age

In order to build and to strengthen media brands, design and promotion systems are more important than ever.

The fundamental changes in media consumption of recent years have raised existential questions for linear television:

  • How and whe­re will I con­nect to my view­ers in the future?
  • How can I retain their loyal­ty bey­ond my channel?
  • How do I turn them into fans?
  • What cate­go­ries, topics and con­tent do I stand for?
  • Can I shar­pen my posi­tio­ning to bet­ter push through?
  • How can I keep my brand rele­vant to the viewer?
Top of mind with key visuals

Key visu­al based design sys­tems are fle­xi­ble and com­pre­hen­si­ble in terms of con­tent. Through a tan­gi­ble, nar­ra­ti­ve depth in the design, a clear­ly reco­gniz­ab­le deri­va­ti­on from the brand values and a visua­liz­a­ti­on in the lan­guage of the com­mu­ni­ty, they attract view­ers and crea­te community.

Mobile first strategies for better recognizability

By con­sist­ent­ly focu­sing the design on mobi­le usa­ge and digi­tal plat­forms first, more striking design fea­tures and fas­ter brand reco­gni­ti­on across all chan­nels and plat­forms are generated.

Promotion content generates community

Inter­ac­ti­ve pro­gram pro­mo­ti­on at eye level sti­mu­la­tes dia­log with view­ers and estab­lis­hes a com­mu­ni­ty. The view­er beco­mes a fan, the com­mu­ni­ty beco­mes his tri­be. Pro­mo­ti­on con­tent thus crea­tes inde­pen­dent pro­gram con­tent for a sworn com­mu­ni­ty of like-min­ded people.

Topi­ca­li­ty – Events – Inter­ac­ti­vi­ty – Some­thing to tell – The­se are the strengths of this form of com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on which main­tains con­ta­ct with the tar­get group befo­re, during and after the pro­gram con­tent on via (second) screens.

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  • Chan­nel iden­ti­ty and positioning
  • Design and pro­mo­ti­on strategy


  • Brand- and logo systems
  • Chan­nel branding
  • Con­tent brands
  • Labels
  • Show design
  • Key visu­als
  • Ope­nings and titles
  • Stu­dio inte­gra­ti­on, set design
  • On screen design, info gra­phics, sports graphics
  • Web­vi­su­als (pod­casts, thumb­nails, pos­ter frames)
  • Web- and Social Media packages
  • Ani­ma­ted icons


  • Mul­ti­platt­form pro­mo­ti­on systems
  • On air promotion
  • Cam­pai­gning and fan concepts


  • Mar­ke­ting concepts